…basic ingredients

In «Paradisos» acknowledging the value of Mediterranean diet and the number of Pelion recipes, we insist on using traditional quality raw materials for the preparation of aromatic and tasty dishes such as inherited from our ancestors.
Pelion Fresh and Pure MaterialsOlive Oil
The olive oil that we use in the tavern, is on our own production and is classified as extra virgin.
Is produced by privately owned olive trees in several olive yards in Tsagarada without being subject to any processing, in order to maintain all of the flavors and nutrients.
Pelion Fresh and Pure MaterialsVegetables
The majority of vegetables, especially during the summer, are produced organically in our farm.
Try out tomato salad over the summer and see for yourself the true flavor contained in the ingredients.
Zucchini flowers are collected early in the morning in order to be ready on your plate by lunchtime.
Green salad over the summer is one of the most popular options hence they are collected daily.
Pelion Fresh and Pure MaterialsFruits
Plums, damsons, peaches, pears, grapes are just some of the fruits you will be able to find in our tavern collected daily.
They are produced in our farm in Karavostasia area of Tsagarada, with completely organic techniques.
Pelion Fresh and Pure MaterialsMeat
Our meats are carefully selected and always fresh in order not to lose their nutrients.

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