…taste of Tsagarada

Pelion cuisine is mainly based on fresh ingredients and less on complex cooking techniques. There is only one word sufficient to describe the overall Pelion cookware architecture: simplicity.
Major components are the various spices and herbs that grow on the «Mountain of the Centaurs», the excellent quality of local mushrooms varieties and of course the extra virgin olive oil. There are of course several flavours for «gourmands» like wild pig, in many variations.
Among the most famous dishes is of course the «spenzofai», main ingredient of which, is the local sausage. For more «insiders», the sausage must be quite spicy and accompanied by plenty of Greek red wine.
At «Paradisos» we are proud of our commitment to Traditional Pelion Cuisine. In our tavern you will not find «corrupted» dishes…
Pelion «spenzofai» will consist of real spicy sausage, not rustic type or Frankfurt type sausage.
Grilled and BBQ dishes will only have fresh meat, which has been carefully chosen, while cooking will be as requested.
Cheese and vegetables pies will be prepared with homemade pastries, authentic Greek feta cheese and herbs from our farm.
The salads are freshly cut accompanied by virgin olive oil of our production.
French fries are fresh, fried in sunflower oil for a lighter taste.
...for everything else, you should just pay a visit to our tavern.

«Paradisos» is open all year round from 08:00 until late at night and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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